This morning, the signing of a collaboration agreement between the company from Ourense and the Spanish Association Against Cancer took place at the headquarters of Grupo Cuevas, in the Ciudad del Transporte, which opens new avenues of collaboration between both organizations. Artur Yuste, general director of the group, and German Rodriguez-Saa, president of AECC Ourense, signed the agreement that will allow two new lines of work to be launched, the purpose of which is to develop activities that benefit those affected by cancer, or have as their purpose the prevention of the disease, especially through the transfer of healthy lifestyle habits to young people.
This agreement translates, then, into the possibility of supporting, by the workers of Grupo Cuevas and from its points of sale, the campaigns and actions of the Association as well as disseminating relevant and interesting information to the entire population. . In addition, those people who are in the middle of the oncological process and who may need additional support that has been detected by anyone in the organization will be treated with special attention.
To this end, both parties will use all available dissemination channels that will allow a greater reach to the acts carried out jointly and whose purpose is the benefit of the population.
The agreement includes activities such as courses, conferences, training and information talks aimed at all the people of Grupo Cuevas who wish to be part of the prevention program and who, on a voluntary basis, are trained to promote prevention and research that allows them to continue fighting cancer.
Within the framework of the same agreement, and as a second way of collaboration, the people of Grupo Cuevas will be able to become volunteers of the AECC Ourense in all those activities and actions that the non-profit organization organizes, as well as being an active part of the projects and activities that are framed within this agreement.
“Through the collaboration agreement, the first step is taken to consolidate the strategy for the year 2022, reaching all corners of the province of Ourense, which requires well-positioned tractor elements that know the sensitivity and closeness of the neighbors. Grupo Cuevas meets all the requirements and, thus, we started indirect volunteering in most of its establishments in the province, and will bring the services, activities and aid of the Association closer to patients and families.” affirmed German Rodriguez-Saa, president of AECC Ourense during the act.
“We have always been close to the people of our territory, it is one of our hallmarks. This alliance allows us to be able to get even closer to them and with the extra motivation of knowing that they are people who may need it more than ever ”concluded Artur Yuste during his speech at the symbolic signing held this morning.
Both entities already collaborate through the Coupon Solidario campaign, which Grupo Cuevas launched in 2019 and which is based on the opinion and decision of the people who carry out their work in the organization. Last December, the AECC met the basic maintenance needs of more than twenty oncology patients with financial needs thanks to the donation from this solidarity initiative that is part of the social benefits program #soydegrupocuevas, a solidarity program with which the company undertakes to donate the equivalent of 10% of the value of all quarterly vouchers obtained with purchases made by workers in the Aquie and Plenus supermarket network.
Other social actions of Grupo Cuevas
Within the Grupo Cuevas social programs section, internal volunteering actions focused on the educational field are also developed, with orientation or mentoring actions; social sphere, with activities focused on helping groups at risk of social exclusion; and, finally, to the field of emergencies, where the group of people in the group could play a useful role.
The Spanish Association against Cancer in Ourense
The Spanish Association Against Cancer has been the reference entity in the fight against cancer for 69 years, dedicating its efforts to showing the reality of cancer in Spain, detecting areas for improvement and launching a process of social transformation. It integrates patients, family members, volunteers and professionals who work together to prevent, raise awareness and accompany affected people and finance cancer research projects. The emergency financial aid program is aimed at cases in which the socioeconomic situation and the lack of coverage endanger cancer treatment, where the consideration is to allocate the funds to the negative effects of the disease in the social field.
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